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About us!

Too Fly N FRZ flight club is based at the College Park Airport (CGS) in College Park, Maryland. The airport is the oldest continuously operating field in the United States and is also the most accessible small airport via Metro in the Washington, DC area. It's also only one of two general aviation airports currently open in the Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) surrounding the U.S. Capital.

Founder Damion Joyner was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He began flying in 2012 and started instructing in 2017. He soon launched the club to provide instruction to people wanting to learn for fun or to get started on a flying career. Damion later moved on to charter flying and is now a pilot for a major airline, but remains active in managing the club. 



Too Fly provides budget-conscious instruction in Piper airplanes with a membership option to reduce the cost further for people who plan to fly more than four times a month.

Too Fly N FRZ uses Part 61 FAA guidelines to create a strict flight training program customized for each of our student pilots. Strict? Absolutely! That's a must. Flight training is an exciting and serious experience. We are proud to evoke strict training methods that ensure our trainees gain a high level of discipline, respect and knowledge for aviation. Safety is our top priority!

Click on the Contact Us page to schedule a discovery flight or email us at to find out how fun flying can be!

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