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TooFly N FRZ is the most economically efficient flight school on the East Coast for one very simple reason; learning how to fly is already challenging enough. Fly, test, and gain critical aeronautical knowledge every week until you earn your pilots certificate. Of course this rate won't last forever, so if you're interested in this offer, sign up today.

Winter/Spring training schedule:


Mon- Sat 8- 9pm

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Welcome to Too Fly N FRZ!

Membership Policy Change

The national average price to earn a pilots license is $10,000. The price is nearly cut in half with a Too Fly membership. This is not to force you to fly. This is to permit you to fly effectively. 

Minimum mandatory expectations of a TooFly Airman Trainee-

  • 85% minimum pass rate on exams

  • Corrected answers submitted within 48 hrs of grading

  • 1 hr of flight time minimum per week/ 4 hrs per month  (weather/maintenance permitting)

  • Meet Airman Certification Standards

The testing & flying standards are very high, the academy is extremely competitive, and certain expectations must be met by airmen in training to remain a member (no obligations).

$250 monthly membership:

  • Ground training included

  • Weekly Written Exam

  • Weekly Verbal Exam

  • 24/7 access to your instructor (email/phone)



The hourly flight training rate is $115 hr as a member (Aircraft, Insurance, Fuel, Instructor).


If you are not on the membership plan, the non member rate is $165 hr.


Example of 6 hours of flight training in one month:

Pilot A (membership) $250 + $115 x 6hrs = $940

Pilot B (Non-member) $165 x 6 = $990


Become a pilot! It's much easier when it cost less.

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