Flight  Training Information

So you want to learn how to fly? We can definitely help you with that! 


Too Fly N FRZ uses Part 61 FAA guidelines to create a strict flight training program customized for each of our student pilots.

Strict? Absolutely! That's a must. Flight training is an exciting and serious experience. We are proud to evoke strict training methods that ensure our trainees gain a high level of discipline, respect and knowledge for aviation. Throughout your training, we will continuously turn any perceived weaknesses into strength. Safety is our top priority!

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Too Fly N FRZ

Flight Instructors:

Damion Joyner
CFI/Chief Pilot

Born & raised in Washington, DC, Damion began flight training in 2012. He enjoys flying model airplanes and riding motorcycles. His high aviation standards guarantee students a thorough introduction and career path to a commercial pilot certificate if they choose to pursue it. He is currently a charter pilot captain.
Quote: "As your flight instructor, it is my duty to motivate and help you gain airman skills and aeronautical knowledge that will help keep you, the airspace, and general public safe."

Nick Schweiker CFI- CFII

Nick pic.jpg

Nick’s aviation journey began when his uncle started taking him flying in a Piper Cherokee out of New Castle Airport (ILG) in Delaware when he was just 11 years old. This sparked a passion for flying that has motivated him to pursue a career as a pilot and flight instructor. After years of flight lessons here and there, Nick seriously pursued flight training and was able to earn his private pilot certificate in 2018 and obtained his Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificates over the course of the next couple of months. Nick originally had his sights set on the airline world like many young pilots, but has found true enjoyment in sharing his love for aviation with his students through flight instruction. Nick has experience training private, instrument, commercial, and even other CFI students throughout his teaching career. He currently holds a CFI-Airplane Single Engine Land, and CFI-Instrument certificate.

Chris Zaboji