Flight  Training Information

So you wanna learn how to fly? We can definitely help with that! Too Fly N FRZ's flight training is under Federal Regulation Part 61.


What is Part 61?

Part 61 is one of the two federal regulations flight instructors use to provide training for pilot certification. Part 61 training is more flexible and is ideal for the part time or once a week trainee. If life prevents you from being able to meet the Part 141 time requirements, then part 61 is right for you. Too Fly N FRZ uses Part 61 guidelines to create a strict flight training customized for each of our trainees.

Strict? Yes! That's a must. Flight training is an exciting and serious experience. We are proud to evoke strict training methods that ensure our trainees gain a high level of discipline, respect and knowledge for aviation. Throughout training, we will continuously turn the weaknesses into strength. Safety Is Priority!

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TooFly N FRZ

Flight Instructors:

Damion Joyner

Born & raised in Washington, DC, Damion began flight training in 2012. He enjoys flying model airplanes and flies them often. His high aviation standards guarantee students a thorough introduction and career path to a commercial pilot career. Massage therapy has been his primary occupation for the past 13 years. He's easy to get along with, and hopes he can help a few of you earn your wings inside the FRZ! As your flight instructor, it is my duty to motivate and help you gain airman skills and aeronautical knowledge that will help keep you, the airspace, and general public safe.